Upload files via Net2FTP

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Net2FTP allows you to uload files to your hosting space without downloading an FTP client. You must have a hosting package associated with a domain in order to upload files to that domain.

Fig. 1

  • Your domain names will be listed alphabetically. Scroll to the domain you wish to use, click Controls and then FTP. The Net2FTP inerface lists the folders currently on the server (Fig. 2).
    Fig. 2

  • Website files need to be uploaded to the folder httpdocs. Click on this folder to open it.

  • Click the Upload button to be taken to the upload interface.

  • Ensure that the Upload directory is set to /httpdocs.

  • Click Choose file. In the dialogue that opens, choose the file you wish to upload, and click Open.
Fig. 3

  • If you wish to upload another file, click the second Choose file button, and follow the same steps.

  • Once you've selected all the files to upload, click Submit (the green check mark, Fig. 3).